Just Heroes Review

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A respected and well liked gang-boss is betrayed and killed. One of his three adopted sons are to take his place. One of them is the traitor.


Made six years before John Woo really hit his stride with A Better Tomorrow and almost a decade before international recognition came a calling with The Killer, this opens with another of the director's stunning, extended gunfights.

When Triad boss Tsou is gunned down at a petrol station, the task of running his business falls to the reluctant Sou (Danny Lee, Chow Yun Fat's nemesis in The Killer), which threatens to destroy the family and produces much bloodshed.

While neither as inspired nor as stylish as Woo's later Hong Kong work, and without the over the top efforts after the commercially successful Face Off, there's still more of the director's idiosyncratic technique on show in these 93 minutes than Hollywood allowed him in many other features

A John woo by numbers action thriller.