Just Another Love Story Review

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Unhappily married crime scene photographer poses as a crash victim's boyfriend after she loses her sight and memory. Only to find that her supposedly dead boyfriend, may not be quite so dead.


Lovelessly married to domesticated Charlotte Fich, crime-scene photographer Anders W. Berthelsen becomes obsessed with car-crash victim Rebecka Hemse and exploits the fact she’s blind and an amnesiac to pose as her mysterious boyfriend, unaware that the supposedly dead Nikolaj Lie Kaas has returned from Hanoi bent on murderous revenge.

Director Ole Bornedal stuffs the plot-heavy action with flashbacks, reveries, crash-cuts and matte shots, but the self-consciously dextrous visuals ultimately prove as resistible as the contrivances and the unsympathetic characters.

High concept thriller which fails to captivate due to unsympathetic characters.