Julius Caesar Review

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The Emperor of Rome Julius Caesar is brutally murdered by Brutus and Cassius, because they believe his ambition will lead to tyranny. The Romans adopt the same stance until Caesar's right hand man Marc Anhony makes a moving speach and rallies an army to hunt down the conspirators.


Joseph L. Mankiewicz filmed Shakespeare’s play as if it were a 50s boardroom thriller like Executive Suite, with conspirators James Mason and John Gielgud in gray-flannel togas attempting to oust Caesar, Louis Calhern, but ultimately undone by the rabble-rousing fervour of Marlon Brando’s brilliant depiction of Caesar loyalist Marc Antony.

The fine cast — including Deborah Kerr, Greer Harson, Edmond O’Brien and George Macready — do well by Shakespearean dialogue, and Mankiewicz directs with set text unfussiness. As was noted at the time, Brando in robes spouting verse is far more convincing than Gielgud would have been in a torn undershirt grunting realism.

Perfectly adequete portrayal of Shakespere's artefact which is held together well by Brando and co.