Jezebel's Kiss Review

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Days aftger returning, a young beautiful young woman raises the pusle of every man in the area. A series of sizzling seductions only serves to reveal the town's darkest secrets, to the ruin of those who fall into her trap.


Katherine Barrese falls off her motorbike on the outskirts of a small coastal resort and systematically gets her own back on the men who killed her dad 15 years before.

The only possible reason for watching this mess of bared flesh and limp performances is to see Mayor Benjamin J. Faberson (Malcolm McDowell) humiliating himself as the very titular heroine’s key conquest. Even that is stretching things a long, long way.

The atrocious sound quality and a score that drowns out the dialogue don’t help either, but they're the least of Jezebel's plethora of disasters.

Yet another tedious "erotic thriller".