Jeremy Hardy Vs The Israeli Army Review

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On Good Friday 2002, comedian Jeremy Hardy arrived at Tel Aviv airport. The same day, the Israeli Army made further incursions into the West Bank, besieging Bethlehem's Church Of The Nativity.


This ultra-low budget documentary highlights the positive presence of the International Solidarity Movement - foreign volunteers dedicated to disrupting the Israeli occupation - but doesn't do enough to fill in the background to what we're watching. Hardy's laid back sarcasm - it comes across as an extension of his stage act, which is a natural enough reaction - is watchable, but too often you want more than a seemingly casual commentary.

It lacks the satirical bite and entertaining political 'lessons' of Michael Moore or Mark Thomas, although its on-the-ground footage offers an angle that goes further than most headlines. It's good to have these issues aired in any format, but a stronger directorial hand might have increased their impact.

While the heart agrees with the sentiment, the head knows this is a flawed piece of documentary filmmaking.