Jeepers Creepers Review

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Whilst driving through rural America on their way home from college, siblings Darius and Trisha spot suspicious going's on from the driver of an old van. They investigate but wind-up in mortal danger.


While driving through a rural American nowhere en route home for the vacation, college student siblings Darius (Long) and Trisha (Philips) happen to glimpse the driver of a filthy old van dumping person-shaped, red-stained, white bundles into a hole.

After some credible arguments, they investigate, but wind up on the death-list of a killer who turns out to be a lot more monstrous than he at first seems. Check the clues: a licence plate that promises cannibalism (BEAT1NGU), his scarecrow wardrobe and his nasty need to take a little something from one of the kids. Victor Salva's solidly creepy, '70s-style horror film has decent characterisations and a gloomy atmosphere that cuts deeper than most teens-in-terror flicks.