Jason X Review

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2455 AD, the cryo-frozen Jason is transported off-world by a scientific/military research team. When Jason expert Rowan revives from her own cryo-sleep, she warns that the human killing machine is liable to get loose…


If you do something ten times, you're likely to get it right in the end. Nine years on from the last straight-to-video Friday The 13th sequel, the franchise is here revived by a film that manages to be better than the previous nine entries put together.

Set in a post-Armageddon future where belly-revealing tops are still in fashion, Jason X cleverly sends up the conventions of both the original stalker cycle and the post-Aliens, space-grunts-go-up-against-a-monster movie.

Deprived of his machete for a while, Jason comes up with some inventive new deaths, including real showstoppers like a sink of freezing liquid and a giant drill-bit ("He's screwed!"). The few survivors and many victims - beginning with an apt cameo from David Cronenberg - are comic book characters, but all have neat bits of business, making this a unique F13 in which you actually cheer the good guys. The most surprisingly good film of the year.

Wittily scripted, smartly directed and well-played by an unfamiliar cast, this is a real treat for all those who have suffered through the story so far.