Jagged Edge Review

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A female lawyer (Close) is gradually seduced by her new client, a newspaper publisher who is in court for murdering his own wife. This leads to Close testing her own judgment as well as endangering her job and of course, her life.


This whodunnit-cum-legal drama was the first run-through of the plot Joe Eszterhas has done at least three times since (Betrayed, Music Box, Basic Instinct) as a professional in the criminal justice system is unethically involved with a seductive character who might well be guilty of appalling crimes.

Here, lady lawyer Close strides around the court in severe shoulderpads and explodes emotionally as she gets deeper into the wrangles of the case. Our heroine has to defend nice guy Bridges, accused of gruesomely murdering his wife. The major flaw is the lack of a convincing second-rank suspect but it has the kind of pithily profane dialogue actors love to snarl.

Even the plotholes and overripe dialogue can't detract from the leads' magnetic relationship.