Jackass 3D Review

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Knoxville, Pontius and pals regroup for another helping of madcap antics.


Knoxville and the gang are back after four years, and while it’s like they’ve never been away, age, and maybe experience, have weathered them. It clearly hasn’t matured anyone, though the wallops hit harder and the vomit flows more freely. Best bits? Steve-O taking over the reins of the poo cocktail for a supreme version; the sweat suit that challenges you not to dry-heave in the cinema; some painful-looking (and sounding) sports action, and one very angry ram who is clearly not a fan of brass instruments. And yes, the lads really have embraced 3D in a big way, so of course the bodily fluids fly, along with anything else they can get their hands on. Or blow up. Or shoot out of a cannon...

If you're ever considered whether a port-a-potty would make a good catapult, this is for you. Ps it does.