Irresistible Force Review

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A suspended cop and his former partner try to stop a bunch of white supremacists who have taken over a shopping mall and now intend to murder a group of politicians before dousing the city with nerve gas.


One of the better showcases for martial artiste Cynthia Rothrock, here unusually partnered with a proper actor (Stacy Keach) as an overenthusiastic rookie cop trapped in a besieged shopping mall by white supremacist psychos (led by token Brit Christopher Neame) who intend to slaughter a posse of politicians and dose the city with nerve gas. Rothrock has a nice time with funny tough talk, while Keach takes up the slack as her cop mentor. Some good action sequences and it makes a change to see a woman kicking ass and make it look believable. One of Rothrock’s better films.

An enjoyable piece of fluff, with some good action sequences from Rothrock in one of her better performances, and dialogue that is knowingly over-the-top allowing the viewer to have a few laughs and watch mindless violence.