Ironclad 2: Battle For Blood Review

Image for Ironclad 2: Battle For Blood

13th century Britain. With the siege of Rochester Castle now a blood-stained memory, a new threat has emerged: the Scots. Called on to defend their ancestral home, Gilbert De Vesci (Rintoul) and his son (Rhys Harries) set off to enlist the services of grizzled veteran Guy (Austen).


Don't worry if you missed the first Ironclad in 2011. This ‘sequel’ retains little except the original’s director, Jonathan English, and the medieval-castle-under-gory-siege format. This time the castle’s under attack from angry Scots, and defended by Tom Austen as a mercenary with a conscience. It’s often entertaining and heavy on the gore, but it eventually drowns in portentous tosh. There are just too many ridiculous developments (such as the blithe recruitment of a woman psycho-killer as another merc fighter), and juddery, confusingly edited action scenes.

An entertaining but unashamedly silly slice of medieval ham.