Iron Sky Review

Image for Iron Sky

In the dying days of World War II the Nazi Reich decamps to the dark side of the moon to continue the fight from outer space. Seventy years later, and flying saucered to the nines, the Nazis strike for Earth...


Some things are best enjoyed in small doses. And, if Iron Sky is anything to go by, moon-Nazis fit firmly into that category. The Finnish oddity posits the notion that Hitler sent a military unit into space in 1945, to hide out in a swastika-shaped fortress until they’ve built an Earth-annihilating super-weapon. For the first half hour the lunar lunacy is enjoyable, with surprisingly impressive effects and design. But once the action switches to our planet, it gets bogged down by obvious political satire (the President is a Sarah Palin clone, complete with stuffed moose in the Oval Office) and tonal lurches. Like Machete, it works better as a trailer than a feature, although it does boast surely the year’s best bikini-waxing gag.

Insert your own 'lunar' pun here - this is a true space oddity.