Interview Review

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US remake of a movie by the murdered Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh which focused on a psychological tussle between a journalist and a soap-opera actress.


Theo van Gogh was already in talks to remake his 2003 film Interview in English when he was murdered by a religious nutter in 2004. His producers carried out that wish, and met Buscemi, a fan of the Dutch director’s work.

It’s easy to spot Interview’s appeal to the indie star: it’s a two-hander (about a war correspondent reluctantly sent to interview an apparently vacuous actress) with depth and character insight to burn. But even with three digital cameras rolling simultaneously and Buscemi’s solid direction, you feel that this would work better on the stage. Get past that, and a few third act problems, and enjoy two sharp, controlled - if typecast - performances.

Stagey filming aside, this is a sharp and controlled study of celebrity obsession.