An Inspector Calls Review

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A mysterious policeman disrupts the lives of a self-satisfied Edwardian family with startling revelations about a local suicide.


It would be nice to say that the social snobberies and hypocrisies exposed by J.B. Priestley in this ingenious blend of morality play and supernatural thriller have long been consigned to history. But, the vices secretly enjoyed by the seemingly upright members of a 1910s Yorkshire mill-owning family have since become as classless as they are timeless - which gives this occasionally self-righteous tale of callousness and exploitation an unexpected relevance. The ensemble here (including Jane Wenham, Arthur Young, Olga Lindo, Brian Worth and George Cole) is splendidly starchy, but Alastair Sim excels as the eponymous mystery man who pricks consciences through a series of novelettish flashbacks.

A rather dry adaptation of the classic play, notable largely for Sim's enjoyable turn as the enigmatic Inspector.