Insidious Chapter 3 Review

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Bedridden following an accident, Quinn Brenner (Scott) starts receiving disturbing visits from an emaciated, malevolent spirit. Traumatised psychic Elise (Shaye) reluctantly comes out of retirement to help.


Insidious Chapter 3 is one of those rare prequels that functions well if watched before its predecessors. Set a few years before the travails of the Lambert family, it revolves around the Brenners, suffering frequent visits from an unnerving Man Who Can’t Breathe. But centre stage is Lin Shaye’s Elise, the breakout star of the franchise whose death in later Chapters has prompted this reverse step to get her on screen one more time. James Wan was otherwise engaged (though he makes an amusing cameo) so series writer Leigh Whannell has stepped up to direct. And while his Further is slightly less out-there, his confident command of the material means you can barely see the join.

Once again combining a sense of genuine dread with a mischievous vein of humour, Insidious Chapter 3 successfully closes the trilogy with its beginning.