The Insatiable Moon Review

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Lead by straight talker Bob Davis (Greg Johnson), a commune of misfits and in-patients struggle to stick together in the affluent Auckland suburb of Ponsonby.


Adapted by Mike Riddell from his novel and directed by wife Rosemary, whose day-job is as a judge, this New Zealand indie has an irrepressible spirit that keeps it alive long after its defects have faded. It’s somehow an unlikely love story, a parable and a slice of social realism, a mixture which is uneven but affecting. Rawiri Paratene (Whale Rider) is Arthur, a good-natured psychiatric patient who proclaims himself the son of God. He wants to woo the woman he declares the Queen of Heaven (Sara Wiseman) and save the in-peril boarding house where he lives in Ponsonby, Auckland. Call it One Flew Over The Kiwi’s Nest... There’s a remarkable sense of place and emotional power, in a moving, original movie that deserves to be seen.

Another reminder of the quality of Kiwi filmmaking, Rosemary Riddell's adaptation of her husband's work gives this all the emotion and feeling of a family affair. Real and rewarding.