Innocence Review

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After 40 years apart, pensioners Claire (Blake) and Andreas (Tingwell) rekindle their youthful love affair, preferring to listen to their hearts than adhere to the 'rules' society demands of the older generation.


Movie romance doesn't just belong to teenagers, argues this low-key Australian drama.

Blake is convincing as the married woman suffering inner conflict, while Cox examines the emotional fallout heaped on the lovers' families - another noteable performance is Terry Norris, who will be familiar to veiwers of Australian television as Cop Shop's Sn Sgt Eric O'Reilly, here playing Claire's confused and frustrated husband.

The film has won a small batch of awards around the world and clearly caters for a neglected audience; but, for a mainstream crowd, it's a toss-up as to what's more off-putting - the wrinkly sex or the fawn cardigans. Really, it's like an afternoon advert just waiting for Frank Windsor to pop up and ask if you've thought about life insurance.

All the pace of a trip on a Stannah stairlift with Thora Hird, but only half the fun.