Indian Babu Review

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A debt-burdened Indian farmer's daughter (Chopra) travels to London for life-saving surgery, where she meets local heart-throb (Pandher) and falls in love, oblivious to her own engaged partner back in India.


Okay, time to suspend that disbelief. Here's a seemingly typical Bollywood flick, with an ordinary plot, that touches occasionally on stereotypes but somehow secures its independence from recent disappointing story lines and shrinking scripts by finessing its way slickly through entertaining performances and solid directing.

Lawrence D'Souza's latest effort covers familiar turf by wheeling out that old theme of Bollywood love triangles as a metaphor for living happily ever after. At times moving, the screenplay's strength lies in the way it cleverly shifts our perceptions of the characters as an unlikely romance develops while the inevitable complications arise.

As Bollywood romances go, this is - stylistically speaking - positively restrained, and highly enjoyable for it.