Impulse Review

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An intruiged vice cop's curiosity for the business gets the better of her, with devastating consquences.


Vice cop Theresa Russell is distrustful of all men, but also finds the sleazy world she works in increasingly fascinating. One night her public life and private fantasies become impossibly entangled when she allows herself to be picked up by a man in a bar.

He’s murdered, she witnesses the crime and covers up her presence at the scene which turns out to have been a major Mob killing.

Directed by Clint Eastwood’s old flame Sondra Locke, this lacks a little in plot and pacing, but it’s full of all kinds of suggestive undercurrents about the suspicious and mutually manipulative ways in which men and women often relate to each other.

P.S...Lisa Kudrow made her acting debut on this film, but her part ended up on the cutting room floor.

Well worth renting.