Immortal Review

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2095. Inside a pyramid floating abouve New York, Horus is on trial, answering to the other gods. This brings him into contact with Nikopol (Kretschmann), and a strange, blue haired woman (Hardy) with powetrs unknown even to herself.


French comic-book creator Enki Bilal infrequently makes elaborately wrought, beautifully realised, sadly slow-moving sci-fi films. This one mingles gorgeous, semi-CG imagery with tangled plotting. In 2095, a pyramid floats above New York and hawk-headed god Horus gets involved with rebel Thomas Kretschmann, blue-haired artificial woman Linda Hardy and intrigued scientist Charlotte Rampling. So many of Bilal’s ideas have seeped into the semi-mainstream via manga and Luc Besson that his own films seem third-hand, with the mesh of live-action and digital characters making for rather resistible drama. Great red-hammerhead-shark-with-tentacles-and-claws monsters, though.

Even if it's muddled, it's entertaining, and often beautiful to look at. It's a pity we didn't se this before the films it influenced.