Ikingut Review

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It's the middle ages and a small boy from Greenland drifts into a Northern Icelandic community.


Set in Northern Iceland 'long ago - when even Greenland seemed remote', Ikingut is the story of a deprived community divided by the arrival of a stranger. Resembling a cuddly polar bear in his cute furry snowsuit, Ikingut (Hans Tittus Nakinge) is the young boy who speaks an unfamiliar language.

While 11 year-old Boas (Hjalti Runar Jonsson) and his family welcome him, the other villagers suspect he is a menacing demon, and plot to get rid of him. As charming as the story and performances are here, this is an undemanding and formulaic children's fairy tale - sweet, sentimental and moral without ever being totally gripping. That said, the chilly setting elevates it beyond banality, with a terrific avalanche scene and a frantic chase across a frozen sea providing all too brief moments of excitement.

It may be foreign, but at it's heart there's a formula family film as traditional as any of Hollywood's output. That said, despite a chilly setting it's got a warm heart, and entertains with ease.