Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs Review

Image for Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

Manny, Ellie and the gang return to discover dinosaurs roaming the earth and Sid the Sloth needing rescuing after he creates a surrogate family from stolen dino-eggs.


Manny, Diego and pals find themselves tangling with T-rexes for this, a third outing, after Sid the Sloth discovers a forgotten dino paradise buried deep beneath the ice. It’s yet another excuse for the woolly troupe to set out on an epic journey, following in the well-trodden tracks of its predecessors.It’s a pacey, enjoyable yarn for the most part, but the franchise’s key strength is its characters and the relationships, tired by part two, are seriously running out of steam. The saving grace is Simon Pegg’s swashbuckling Buck, a plucky, one-eyed weasel who brings a welcome note of derring-do to the proceedings. It’s still the same old shtick but younger audiences will have a whale of a time — especially with the 3-D version — even if watching the film’s Pleistocene heroes interact with dinosaurs is sure to make paleontologists bleed out of their ears.

Long-in-the-tooth characters detract from the usual high-spirited fun and frolics.