Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Review

Image for Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Manny, Sid, Diego and Scrat are back and faced with fresh perils, pirates and continental drift among them.


There’s nothing new in the fourth installment of the Ice Age series. This has never been a franchise about finding new angles on its characters or seeking to create something that resonates. They just change enough elements to make it not seem like a total rehash and cast a few more pop culture-y voice actors (hi, J-Lo and Nicki Minaj!). In this episode, the role of baddies is filled by some pirate animals, whose main motivation for being evil is that they are pirates, and Manny the mammoth and friends once more look for a new home as the world continues to demand their extinction. The humour is gentle as ever and it’s really no better or worse than its predecessors. It would just be nice if it tried to be different.

Old friends and new voice talent will delight kids with a never-ending love for the most undemanding animation out there. A megabucks franchise drifts on.