Hush Review

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In HUSH, a young couple, Zakes and Beth, are driving up a dark, rain-soaked M1, when they are abruptly cut off by a wildly-driven truck. For a brief moment, the back of the truck rolls open to reveal what looks like a distressed, half-naked woman, tied up and caged. Only half convinced of the reality of what he has seen, Zakes reports the incident to the police and then tries to put the whole thing out of his mind.


The next time you’re complaining about your hellish commute or dead-end job, consider Zakes’ (William Ash) plight. His shifts are spent on a rain-lashed M1, affixing ads to service station toilets. Add an abrasive girlfriend, a naked woman caged in the back of a lorry idling at the lights and a brooding killer who’s just made off with said girlfiend, and it promises to be quite a night for Zakes along Britain’s first motorway.

Owing much in tone to Wolf Creek (but set in a Moto), Hush exercises brevity, tension and satisfyingly bleak humour. Unrelenting until the final reel and with a series of admirable twists along the way, Hush is quite a journey.

Despite, or maybe because of, its mundane setting this bleak and disturbing thriller succeeds in ratcheting up the tension.