The Hunter Review

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A family man murders two policemen in revenge and is forced to hide out in a desolate forest whilst being hunted by the authorities.


With Hassan Hassandoost achieving an ominous rhythm by cutting between Mohammad Davudi’s measured images, this is a film of small but shocking moments that uses family man Rafi Pitts’ murderously vengeful grief to offer a sombre insight into life under Iran’s President Ahmadinejad. The sense of soullessness is evocatively conveyed by the bleak factory, the congested roads and the deserted tunnels, while the mistrust between Pitts and anyone in a position of authority is palpable. The switch from dour realism to studied suspense during the woodland denouement may not convince everyone, but the storytelling is confident, the pacing controlled and the quiet fury at the way in which Iran is being ruled is uncompromising and courageous.

A suspenseful and daring drama, but it isn't perfectly executed.