The Hundred-Foot Journey Review

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Madame Mallory (Mirren), a French restaurant proprietor with high standards and a sharp tongue, is put out when an Indian restaurant opens in a neighbouring premises. The culture clash that plays out, though, soon challenges her preconceptions.


Helen Mirren plays a snobby French restaurateur in this amiable, light-hearted foodie drama based on Richard C. Morais’ novel. She’s dismayed when an Indian-English family take over the property opposite, but star chef Manish (Manish Dayal) could be the man to persuade the rural French to tuck into a good old-fashioned curry. Pleasant culture-clashes ensue, though it’s all rather fantastical, right down to the local beauty (Charlotte Le Bon) who remains mysteriously single and ageless. One for the older crowd — though possibly not in France, where Mirren, while great fun, is unlikely to pass for a local.

The script by Steven 'Locke' Knight offers gentle pleasures and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel fans will find plenty to enjoy here.