The Human Centipede Review

Image for The Human Centipede

Abducted travellers stumble across a twisted ex-surgeon. Under his capture, the victims are subjected to his experiment of building a human centipede.


Yes — This film really is about what you’ve heard it’s about. A sinister European scientist (Dieter Lasar) sews two American tourists (Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie) and a Japanese chap (Akihiro Kitamura) together mouth-to- anus to create the eponymous composite creature… and, inevitably, there’s a scene where the one in the lead can’t hold his bowels. However, once you get past the transhuman gross-out, this is a surprisingly conventional mad scientist movie. The innocents-abroad are menaced and abducted in the sort of crackpot research storyline which wouldn’t be any different if this were a 1945 movie starring Bela Lugosi about gorilla brain transplants. Tom Six’s film is odd and unforgettable, but never quite as outrageous as it threatens to be.

This will not appeal to everyone, whether it will appeal to anyone is another question. With dark humour from time to time, underneath an extremely repulsive concept, this is a relatively conventional horror movie.