The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) Review

Image for The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)

Car park attendant Martin (Harvey) obsesses endlessly about the first Human Centipede film, watching and rewatching until the idea comes to him to create his own centipede. This time it's longer and even more horrifying...


It's a shame this has become known for censorship woes, which mean trims to its wilder atrocities, because Tom Six’s follow-up is a stronger, stranger, more interesting picture than the first. Security guard Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) obsesses over his Human Centipede DVD, and dreams of sewing the horrible people he meets into one composite creature. In Expressionist black and white and with Grand Guignol set-piece effects, it’s better-paced (and artier) than the original. New face Harvey is an unforgettable monster, obsessed with creating his own centipede, and sets about living the dream with quease-making determination. Need we say, not to everyone’s tastes.

The Human Centipede gets longer (how long before it becomes The Human Millipede?) but the shocks will be familiar to anyone who enjoyed the first film. The 180 seconds or so of cuts needed to get it past the BBFC open up some plot holes but won't sweeten the pill for everyone else.