The House Of Magic Review

Image for The House Of Magic

Fluffy and adorable, Thunder (Murray Blue) takes shelter in a magician's house from a storm. Inside he finds more than he bargained for.


In this Belgian CG kids' cartoon, an abandoned kitten enters a magician’s house, and must defend its cute occupants when the owner is in hospital. It’s better made and more energetic than most non-Hollywood CGI fare — lots of scampering around the wooden house — and it’s perfectly good children’s entertainment. For their parents, it starts and ends well, but much of it is a rather directionless mix of Beetlejuice, Home Alone and the first Toy Story, without their respective sparks. However, the retro dashes of Britpop on the soundtrack — including Madness and The Cure — are diverting.

A curious mix of Britpop music cues and moppet-bait storytelling makes for a diverting, if derivative kids' animation.