Hour Of The Wolf Review

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An artist who is undergoing a crisis in his work and marriage begins to be haunted by nightmares. He and his wife move to a remote and exotic island for him to relax, but his 'demons' follow him.


Ingmar Bergman made a clutch of impressive films about troubled artists in fractured marriages, coping with inner angst and the futility of the human condition and usually starring Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann.This stark, black-and-white film is the best of the batch - playfully tipping in elements from Mozart's The Magic Flute and drawing on Bergman's love of classic American horror movies for the demon-haunted finale, which demonstrates Bergman's too-often-overlooked skill with the simply terrifying alongside his more obvious profundity. Next to Robert Wise's The Haunting, this is one of the most sinisterly beautiful black-and-white horror films you will ever see.

A must for fans of horror and of Bergman. So good it makes you wish he had dabbled in the genre that bit more often.