Horseman Of The Apocalypse Review

Image for Horseman Of The Apocalypse

When widowed detective Aidan Breslin (Dennis Quaid) investigates grisly serial killings rooted in the Book of Revelation, he's shocked to discover personal connections with the homicides.


A rare original number from Michael Bay’s horror-house Platinum Dunes, this moribund Seven clone at least features one of the most curious cast-lists ever to go straight to DVD. Together for the first time — Dennis Quaid, Zhang Ziyi, Peter Stormare and Patrick Fugit from Almost Famous! Evidently chopped and changed out of all logical shape, Quaid’s dishevelled detective blusters after a serial killer whose baffling MO is themed to the four riders of the Apocalypse.

Fancypants video-director Jonas Åkerlund strives to mount a handsome shot — and blood does look good against snow — but even he would surely admit the mish-mash of overwrought Emos, biblical portents and death-cult social networking is deathly dull.

Michael Bay's horror inprint delivers a good-looking but deathly dull murder-mystery.