The Horde Review

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When four corrupt cops raid an abandoned housing estate, they find themselves faced with a zombie assault and are forced to team up with their erstwhile enemies to survive...


Though it has that grim, relentless, hard-bastard tone of much recent French crime and horror, this isn’t much more substantial a zombie apocalypse picture than the average Resident Evil sequel. A band of vigilante cops launch a revenge raid against the tower block where a gang who have killed a comrade are holed up. After a messy battle, survivors of both factions forge an uneasy alliance when (of course) the dead rise as flesh-eating, infectious creatures. Most of the rest of the film is bloody, overfamiliar zombie-killing, with only a few nasty-minded character touches — like a human villain calculating enough to string along a sidekick because he senses he’ll need someone to eat when he goes zombie — to distinguish it.

Although bleak and gritty, The Horde lacks the freshness and originality to cut a fresh swathe in the zombie genre.