Honor Thy Father and Mother: The Menendez Killings Review

Image for Honor Thy Father and Mother: The Menendez Killings

Based on real events, this film tells of two teenage brothers who took a shotgun to both their parents. It went to court and both of them claimed guilty but that they had been driven to it after years of verbal, physical and sexual abuse.


One of several TV dramatisations of the sensational murder case. Californian preppies Billy Warlock (Baywatch) and David Berin are put on trial for the shotgun slayings of parents James Farentino and Jill Clayburgh. They claim they were driven to crime by prolonged physical, sexual and verbal abuse, while the prosecution allege they did it for the inheritance. Since the actual trial was broadcast on TV this re-enactment, which offers adequate acting and no fresh insights, is a tad redundant. However, for those who not initiated with the case at the time, they could do worse than start here for an introduction to the fascinating Menendez case.

As with the famous 2005 Jackson case there was a re-creation of the courtroom allowing the public to see what happened without having to look at badly drawn sketches. So this adaptation feels a little unnecessary, but with good performances, from a Baywatch hunk, no less, it is interesting but somehow you've seen it all before.