The Honeymooners Review

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British romantic comedy where two people with nothing in common fall in love - to rival 'Along Came Polly'.


The Honeymooners - with its uptight groom rejected by a flaky bride and falling into a chance romance with a free-spirited, inappropriate girl - is almost a British rendering of Along Came Polly, without the budget or amusing best friend.

There's much to like in Karl Golden's directorial debut; the leads, particularly Mitchell, are appealing and generate touching chemistry in some of the quieter scenes, but an impatient approach to the camera work operates entirely against it. When it stays still, as it far too infrequently does, you can feel the couple's gentle connection sparked through subtle gestures, but it's hard to draw the same feelings when the cameraman's whizzing around their heads and up their nostrils.

There's a lovely story contained within The Honeymooners but it's often suffocated by saggy aimless sections in which the snarky pair seem less like burgeoning lovers than bickering siblings.

A lovely story and palpable chemistry that's undermined by too-fast camera work and saggy, aimless sections.