Honey Review

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Music video choreographer Honey Alonzo forges on with her dream to make it as a dancer despite poverty, inexperience and lecherous video directors.


With its hackneyed storyline and critical derision in the US, whispers were that Honey was to be the new Glitter. It's not nearly that bad, which is a shame since it just skims the embarrassingly blind enthusiasm of which camp classics are made - instead bouncing along the path of bland and forgettable.

Alba is permanently sunny, forging on with her dream to make it as a dancer - and she won't let poverty, inexperience or lecherous video directors stop her, dammit! - while showing off an adeptness at bumping and grinding with a body as tight as her dance moves. Alas, the plot and script are not nearly so taut, leaving boyfriends, best friends and subplots to flounder outside Honey's spotlight.

It comes alive when the dancing shoes come on and the music kicks in, but sadly they're just the occasional flashdance in the pan.