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A cute but cowardly alien race called the Boov invade Earth to hide from their mortal enemy, the Gorg. All humans except for a teenage girl named Tip (Rihanna) are rehoused in barren parts of the planet. On the run and looking for her mother Lucy (Lopez), Tip befriends Oh (Parsons), a lonely Boov who has accidentally informed the Gorg of the Boov's location. Together, Oh and Tip go on a road trip around the world to solve both their problems.


Dreamworks’ latest ‘toon sees The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons play a socially-alienated alien with the syntax of a coked-up Yoda (“Can I come in to the out now?”) as he teams up with Rihanna’s sparky last girl on earth for some kerrazy non-sequitur scrapes in a flying car powered by three slushie machines. An undeniably cute cat called Pig and frantic mugging from Steve Martin as Oh’s pompous boss can’t save this forgettable space invaders sci-fi from feeling like a big screen pop-up book. Distinctly closer to Shark Tale than How To Train Your Dragon in the animation house’s watchability rankings.

Mostly harmless.