Holy Water Review

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Four inhabitants of an Irish coastal village decide to steal a shipment of Viagra, to make their fortunes. Things do not go entirely hitchlessly.


An isolated village on the wet and windy Irish coast isn’t the sort of place you’d usually expect to find Hollywood action regulars Linda Hamilton and Thomas ‘Tiny’ Lister, but like the inhabitants of Kilcoulin’s Leap, this oddball comedy demands big ideas. Tom Reeve’s film centres on a quartet of local schlubs who hatch a plan to steal and sell a truckload of Viagra in order to escape their dead-end existence. Enter drug security heavies Cory (Hamilton), Sixpac (Lister) and Kimberly (Lisa Catara), each armed to the teeth with hardcore hardware and armour-plated attitudes.

After a very clunky start, the story shifts gears as the village is given an unexpected chemical uplift, with the four likable leads muddling their way through a script that finds its feet just in time.

Definitely an original, this has some truly funny moments and sympathetic characters.