Holiday Inn Review

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Jim Hardy (Crosby) is sweet on the lovely Linda Mason, but his buddy Ted (Astaire) wants her for his new dance partner since bad girl Lila ditched him. All the action takes place in Jim's Supper Club at the Holiday Inn.


The teaming of Bing Crosby with Fred Astaire is a bit of gaiety about entertainers opening a country hotel at holidays only, and a cute excuse for scads of festive Irving Berlin songs including Oscar-winner White Christmas.

Political incorrectness aside, it's another film that belongs in that vast vault labelled "Harmless Christmas Holiday Viewing", but as such, between the toe twinkling and ivory tickling it's still a comfortable, cosy way to pass an afternoon.

C'mon, it's Fred and Bing! Depending on your disposition, you can take that as a recommendation or a warning.