Historias Minimas Review

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Three interweaving stories chronicle the progress of an old man searching for his lost dog; a diet company rep seeking to impress a widow with a cake for her child's birthday; and a young mother hoping to win a food processor on a TV game show.


Carlos Sorin turned to commercials following the flop of the Daniel Day-Lewis vehicle, Eversmile, New Jersey. But 14 years later, he's back with this charming road movie that considers the plight of the aged, the lonely and the poor without patronising or preaching.

Conveying the unlikely sense of community that exists within the barren sprawl of Argentina's deep south, Javiera Bravo's tale is slightly marginalised, but Sorin discovers much to mull over in Antonio Benedictis' melancholic journey of atonement and plenty to amuse in Javier Lombardo's struggle to maintain his salesman's facade of self-assurance.

The premise is small, but the plot threads are delicately woven, while it's all put together with skill and a strong sense of balance between humour and solemnity.