The Hills Have Eyes II Review

Image for The Hills Have Eyes II

A group of National Guard trainees stumble into the desert site of a former nuclear testing facility and find something else got there first.


Expectations are set low in the case of a sequel to a remake, but this no-nonsense mutant movie (co-written by franchise creator Wes Craven) delivers enough unambitious nastiness to scrape
by. It doesn’t replay the family-under-siege premise of the earlier Hills films, preferring to play ‘Southern Comfort down a mine’ as a platoon of inexperienced National Guardsmen venture into ‘Area 16’, the nearly disused army nuclear testing facility where the mutants live, and get into a rumpus with those degenerate cannibal rapist ghouls.

German director Martin Weisz (Grimm Love) stages the action competently, and there are solidly repulsive gore effects throughout.

Pretty solid gory horror.