Highlander Review

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Born into medieval Scotland, Connor McLeod (Lambert) is 'immortal'. One of a breed, competing for a prize for which "there can be only one", which involves duelling with others of his kind until one loses their head. Come the present day, the list has shortened to a handful.


Russell Mulcahy's sword-and-immortals 'epic' has spawned numerous sequels and a TV show, but it's aged poorly, unlike its hero, wasting a fine premise with a muddled narrative and sub-MTV visuals.

Sean Connery slums it but still shines as an Argentinian with a Scots accent, Clancy Brown's villain is enjoyable, and the fight scenes are well-choreographed, despite clumsy direction. Christopher Lambert looks, but doesn't sound, the part, the effects are OTT in a harmless way, but the Queen soundtrack is dodgy.

Despite its many failings though, somewhere in here there's an idea that's undeniably fun. Of all the 'not quite on the mark' projects out there, this is possibly the premise most deserving of a remake.

It's clumsyily put together and it makes bugger all sense, but dammit, there's something alluring about this story. Don't go in expecting too much and you should be ok. And for God's sake - stay away from the sequels.