High Crimes Review

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Attorney Claire Kubik's idyllic lifestyle - great career, beautiful house, perfect marriage - is ambushed by the military police's surprise arrest of her husband Tom. They say he's an ex-covert military operative who massacred villagers in El Salvador. He


Watching this legal pot-boiler from Devil In A Blue Dress director Carl Franklin is like seeing an eloquent lawyer present a clever but fundamentally flawed case.

No matter how much attention he lavishes on character, procedural details and moral ambiguities, the story - a lumpy mix of military courtroom drama, political thriller and Sleeping With The Enemy-style domestic jeopardy - just won't stand up.

Ashley Judd skilfully balances professional cool and emotional naivety, with top-notch support from Adam Scott as the rookie military attorney assigned to the case, and the ever-watchable Morgan Freeman as her 'wild card' assistant, Charlie Grimes - a washed-up, Harley-riding, hard-drinking attorney with a shrewd mind and his own axe to grind.

The weakest dramatic link is the miscast Jim Caviezel, whose off-kilter performance hints too overtly at the 'surprise' revelations to come. And the ludicrous final 'twist' begs so many questions, it could start its own quiz show.

Guilty of implausibility in the first degree.