Hi-So Review

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Ananda (Everingham) heads back to his native Thailand after leaving college in America. There he joins a movie production set in a flood-wrecked hotel.


Aditya Assarat follows up Wonderful Town with this teasing treatise on tsunamis, cinema, stray canines and socio-cultural alienation. Having been educated Stateside, Thai actor Ananda Everingham keeps losing his accent while shooting a film about an amnesiac searching for clues to his past. Ironically, he also loses American girlfriend Cerise Leang, and later struggles to make a go of his new relationship with Sajee Apiwong. Making evocative use of the coastal and urban settings to equate the damage done to buildings with Everingham’s own instability, Assarat tells his tale steadily, yet without quite making his intentions clear.

Assarat's freeform film is sometimes tantalising if noodle-baking stuff. If you can divine its meaning, take the rest of the year off.