Hello Again Review

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Suburban housewife Lucy Chadman (Long) chokes to death but is brought back to life one year later by her sister, a medium, to discover that - quite a shock, this - life goes on despite her absence.


A supernatural comedy with no chills to speak of, very few thrills, and none too many laughs. Shelley Long is well cast and does her best to bring some loveable neuroses to Lucy, but she's fighting a losing battle in. Post-Cheers, Long has found it difficult to make her mark in Hollywood and this, unfortunately will not lead to a big breakthrough. Given the right script, which this isn't, she has all the credentials and is blessed with fine comic timing, but many more failures like Hello Again and, sadly, it'll be bye-bye Shelley.

A promising premise for a film that never really expands the idea into anything but predictable laughs squeezed from Long's fretful performance.