Hellbound Review

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When a Rabbi is gruesomely murdered after having his heart ripped out of his chest, it is left to Chicago cop Chuck Norris and his partner to solve the crime. The investigation soon takes them to Israel where the evil Christopher Neame is trying to destroy the world again.


Christopher Neame, the devil's Best Friend, emerges from a mid-Eastern tomb and sets about assembling the parts of a magical sceptre hacked up in the opening flashback by Richard The Lionheart. When a rabbi has his rubber heart ripped out, stonefaced Chicago cop Chuck Norris and his funky black sidekick (Calvin Levels) somehow get sent to Israel so producer Yoram Globus can get more use out of his favourite cavern locations. This skimps on everything and is one of those films that spends too much time having its hero befriend a waiflike pre-teen pickpocket and not enough beating up on devilhead bad guys.

Chuck Norris films were watchable in the macho-early 80's but now it seems he's gone past the point of no return and this is another case in hand. With such a second-rate plot, you'd hope they'd inject enough humour into the script to keep it afloat, sadly the writers didn't and we are left with this mess that takes itself far too seriously.