Heart Condition Review

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Jack Moony, a bigoted, white policeman in Los Angeles, stalks a black criminal lawyer, the handsome Napoleon Stone, who is his rival for the affections a hooker named Crystal. But the triangle doesn't end there: Moony has a heart attack and gets a transplant from the recently murdered Stone, who then comes back as a ghost, hoping that the detective will avenge his death.


Slob cop Bob Hoskins, straight off the back of his starring role in Who Frames Roger Rabitt comes together with cool black criminal lawyer Denzel Washington in this first outing for writer director James D. Parriott.

Too much chilli causes a coronary for Moony, leaving him to bag the newly vacated heart of the man he hates most in the world, Napoleon Stone (Washington). Denz promptly turns up transparent as a ghost and nags Bob into solving his murder in this pleasant enough cross between 48 Hrs. and Ghost.

Denzel may have fired his agent for advising him to take on the role, but there's enough here to avert what could have been a disaster It even turns out to be an enjoyable ride. Bob and Denz are enough of a contrast to make their on-screen differences believable without going over the top even though this particular genre hybrid is unlikely to ever be repeated again.

Neat performances, good jokes.