Hawa Review

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A young woman is stalked by an invisible spirit.


Horror films are a rare commodity in Indian cinema and, when they appear, are generally presented in routine fashion full of genre cliches - lights suddenly going off, wind blowing through the trees, doors creaking, the camera moving around erratically...

At the moment, however, Bollywood seems to be caught in a horror deluge that now sees action director Dhanoa attempt a rare excursion into this almost forbidden genre. Hawa succeeds with spine-tingling effect, swaying the genre away from the norm and delivering a song-less psychological thriller which crosses the borders of convention using remarkable visual special effects little-seen in the Bollywood industry, while Award-winning actress Tabu (Chandni Bar, Maachis), who plays a young woman stalked by an invisible spirit, is both provocative and accomplished.

Suddenly, it seems, making a horror film in Bollywood is nothing to be ashamed of.