Haven Review

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Paxton and Byrne play two shady businessmen who flee to the Cayman Islands to avoid federal prosecution. Bloom is a young British man called Shy who has grown up on Cayman. He is in love with a Caymanian girl (Saldana) but their families disapprove of their liaison. Meanwhile, the two fugitives begin a chain of events that may change the nation.


Most of the time, Orlando Bloom is to acting what Justin Timberlake is to heavy metal - Kingdom Of Heaven, for instance, was like making Gladiator with Paul Walker instead of Russell Crowe.

In this slight but passable romantic thriller, however, Bloom comports himself terrifically well as a Cayman Island-born beach bum whose dalliance with a dark-skinned beauty (Zoe Saldana, a name to watch) leads to an act of vengeance which leaves Bloom’s handsome face disfigured by acid (It’s a pretty-boy actor’s dream, so no wonder Bloom also produced).

A subplot involving a businessman (Bill Paxton - what is he doing in this?) is less convincing, but no matter: this is strictly for Bloom groupies - assuming there are any old enough to buy or rent this.

For Bloom fans only.