The Haunting in Connecticut Review

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Mother of young cancer patient rents an old house despite the warnings.


Virginia Madsen rents an old house near the clinic where her son (Kyle Gallner) is getting cancer treatment, though she’s warned the place has “a bit of a history”. Based on a true story (yawn!), this Amityville-alike boasts flashbacks that combine torture porn with spiritualism.

There’s a germ of an idea in the terminally ill teen attuned to seeing ghosts because he’s almost one himself, but Gallner’s smothered by Madsen’s hand-wringing mom, Martin Donovan’s dad and smarmy Elias Koteas in an Exorcist hat. It has gruesome touches (a box of snipped-off eyelids), but the sudden-grab scares soon get pretty tiresome.

Fairly pedestrian haunted chiller with so many obvious shocks that they lose their efficacy.