Haunted Honeymoon Review

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Larry Abbot (Wilder), a voice actor for Manhattan Mystery Theatre, a spooky radio show, takes his fiancee, Vickie (Radner), to visit the castle where he grew up. There they bump into old relatives, werewolves, transvestites and other creatures of the night.


Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner flounder in a terrible pastiche of '40s haunted house comedy, which rips off The Cat and the Cradle and Murder, He Says, among others, without ever soming close to their successful blend of genuine ease and laconic wit. Wilder is the only to choice to play the neurotic phobic with his haunted childhood and his speech inpediment, but the supporting cast and the script offer no support. Jonathan Pryce walks through the film like a disinterested ghost, whilst Gilda Radner, in her last movie, disappoints. Unconvincing ghouls, werewolves and transvestites abound in a movie that, at each fork along the haunted corridor, has no idea which way to turn.

Safe when it's ripping genre jokes word for word, this pallid pastiche never goes for the jugular, the heart, or any other part of the audience, for that matter. It breezes by like the tamest of ghosts, almost unnoticeable.